SPRAVATO® REMS Pharmacy Enrollment - for Outpatient Dispensing Only

Pharmacies must be certified in the SPRAVATO® REMS to be able to receive and dispense SPRAVATO®.

If you are an Inpatient Pharmacy (support inpatient units, emergency department, etc.) and operate under the same DEA license and physical location with your Inpatient Healthcare Setting, your pharmacy will be considered certified once the Inpatient Healthcare Setting Enrollment form is completed/submitted, and you do not require a separate pharmacy enrollment form. Pharmacy enrollment is intended only for pharmacies that dispense to outpatient facilities.

How does my Pharmacy become certified in the

Step 1: Designate an Authorized Representative to oversee implementation and compliance of the SPRAVATO® REMS requirements.

Step 2: Review the following materials:

  • SPRAVATO® Prescribing Information
  • SPRAVATO® REMS Program Overview

Step 3: Complete and submit the SPRAVATO® REMS Pharmacy Enrollment Form to the REMS.